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Using your sense of humor to deal with your breakup

There’s no doubt that a breakup is difficult. Aside from that, we’re human and we have our good and bad days. If you want to know how to soar above the mess of a breakup, here’s the key:

Keep your sense of humor and you will retain your power.

A breakup is no laughing matter. It’s a big deal, maybe the worst stress that has ever happened in your life. If you choose to react to your breakup in a way that causes you to lose yourself, you will go under.

After a few months of trying to save my marriage, I became so worn down that I was like someone who was on death row. I mean, my face was always sour, twisted, and at one point I couldn't stand to be around anyone. My life was being taken over by a huge monster. I was living in a fantasy world of wanting my husband back and became a "Beg My Ex” addict.

Then one day, I hit bottom. I was doing some grocery shopping and as I walked around trying to search for a number of items, the thought came in my mind, “What man would ever want me?”

That’s when I knew that I was being eaten alive by my obsession. So I decided to kick saving my marriage to the curb and began saving myself. I had to be my own life guard otherwise I would drown. When I decided to begin building from within, I began to regain my power. I gave myself the best gift: love.

By deciding to love myself, I didn’t care about my ex anymore. Whatever! I had the attitude that I was going to build my own life and there were just some things that I could not permit in my life like groveling. YUK!

Whatever issues I face now, I use my sense of humor to get me through it. It is not worth it to be so stressed out that you plug up your arteries. We can’t laugh at everything but we can manage life with a good dose of happy medicine.

Ways to use your humor:

Problem: Your partner says, “I don’t love you anymore.”
Reply: “Yeah, I’ve always wanted to get surgery on that.”

Problem: Your married partner says, “I want a divorce!”
Reply: “Good idea, I’ll get started on that STAT!

Problem: Your partner threatens you.
Reply: “I don’t think you want to go there. I used to work for the CIA.”

Problem: Your husband/boyfriend’s with someone else - works hard to make your jealous.
Reply: “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me!”
Nicole Gayle is the author of the ebook, "What to Do When Your Partner Wants Out," written to help you maintain your self-confidence, soar above rejection and become more happy, attractive and secure. Nicole recently appeared on CITY TV's Breakfast Television to talk about her book. Get an instant download of her ebook by visiting her website,

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