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I'm Trying To Attract My Ex Back

Are you wondering what you seem to be doing wrong when it comes to getting your Ex back? There has been a lot of talk about the law of attraction, but is it working for you?

Let me help you understand what went wrong inside the mind of the relationship with your Ex.

The first law that attracted you and your Ex together is the law of respect. I bet you don't think respect has anything to do with your attraction. You're probably thinking that you found your Ex physically attractive, interesting, and liked certain attributes about him/her and that's why you wanted to get to know him/her.

But the law of respect has everything to do with how your relationship began and how it ended. Think about it: You're attracted to certain types of people because there's something about them that you admire - certain physical attributes or a attitude that pull you towards them.

When your relationship began, you may have seen each other regularly, talked consistently, did things that caused you to build a deeper bond, etc. Essentially, you placed each other first and made meeting each other's needs your number one priority.

But as your relationship progressed, the initial excitement of your relationship tapered off and something chipped away at the foundation of respect. Now you find yourself trying to get your Ex to want you when this choice was made freely when your relationship began.

And if you continue to manipulate the flow of attraction between you, you will continue to lose the respect of your Ex.

Hanging on, begging, chasing, promising to change, neediness, being clingy and insecure is fatal. These types of behaviors will cause your Ex to disrespect you. Remember in order for attraction to happen, there has to be respect.

And having respect for yourself is where it's at. If your Ex knows that you'd do anything to have him/her or that you desperately want your relationship back, there will not be enough respect to build attraction and trying to mentally draw your Ex in won't work because you don't have respect for yourself first.

You pull towards you what you already have inside. If you don't love yourself enough to leave your Ex alone, then no one will love you enough to want to be with you.

Nicole Gayle is the author of the e-book, What to Do When Your Partner Wants Out, - a guide to help you make your breakup work for you. Learn the secrets to becoming more attractive, happier, and secure. Go to for an instant download now.

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