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Your Ex or Soon to Be Ex and Your Connection

Your Ex or soon to be feels done with you.

You don’t feel done so you want to keep your relationship in the undone phase. But there’s a reason why it’s come to where it is now.

Let me explain wiring. Wiring is a connection that you made with your partner when you decided to be in a relationship together.

When the relationship is broke, wires have a way of not being able to connect to each other. There’s a shortage somewhere.

Re-wiring is what needs to happen within you or what I like to call reinvention. See your signals will be crossed if you don’t reinvent yourself. Meaning, digging deep beyond the brokenness of your relationship to figure out why you are apart of something broken.

You cannot build a relationship until your internal signals are re-aligned so forget about trying to re-connect with your drifting partner or Ex based on your previous connection with him/her.

It won’t work. There’s an independent “you” and a relationship “you” – who you are on your own and what you’re like in a relationship.

You’ve got to figure out how to detach the relationship “you” from your present relationship in order to work on the independent “you”

Are you following me?

In my e-book I talk about reinvention. When this happens you have a whole new vibration and your signal may no longer point to your Ex or you may send the right signal to re-attract him/her back into a relationship with you.

A funny thing happens when you grow beyond begging, it’s called self respect. Your internal re-alignment begins with a decision to stand up for “you.”

Nicole Gayle is the author of the e-book, What to Do When Your Partner Wants Out, - learn how to be strong, beautiful, and make your breakup work for you.

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