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Men Don't Take Breaks, They Breakup

Did your man had the chat with you about needing to take a break while still telling you how much he loves you?

Are you wanting to believe that he really does and just needs time to figure things out?

Let me be very honest with you and decode what he means when he either texted you, sent you an email, called you on the phone or told you in person that he'll be busy, wants a break etc.

He means he wants to move on.

When a man's really into a woman, he won't take a break. He'll always want to be around her. If your man is taking a break from you, do not go into denial and hold out for him to change his mind. And under NO circumstance should you wait for him.

Women shouldn't wait for men. Men pursue women and try to win their attention. Men are made to chase, to fight, to go after you. So sitting and believing that your boyfriend really wants a break will cause you to hang on to a fantasy of him really wanting you. It's not so.

Please do not even utter the words by telling him that you'll wait for him or you'll fight for your relationship. These words will cause a man to immediately press the delete button in his mind about you forever.

The best way to deal with your boyfriend/husband wanting to take a break is to also take a break from him.

Then what you should do is to get a new hair cut, buy yourself some diva clothes, change your makeup and strut your stuff away from him so that he knows for sure that you are BIG enough to do life without him.

Nicole Gayle is the Author of the e-book, What to Do When Your Partner Wants Out, - a guide to help you make your breakup work for you. Learn the secrets to becoming more attractive, happier, and secure.
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