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The Mistakes You Could Be Making While Dealing With Your Breakup

I've had the chance to help literally hundreds of people know how to handle a breakup based on my personal experience. My breakup was pretty UGLY - not to say that there are any pretty breakups.

You have the mutual breakups, breakups caused by betrayal like cheating or if you're faced with what I was faced with - a partner wanting out of the relationship.

Rejection is not something that is easy for humans to take. You've got to be pretty together to know how to handle a BAD and very messy breakup. You know the kind that goes in the mud where you and your partner are at such opposite ends that you can't imagine ever being with this person.

My breakup was sort of like that and more. Worst of all, it involved my two kids, ages 10 months and 5 at the time. Among other things, I was left on maternity benefits to fend for myself and needless to say that I was literally shaken with fear about my future.

So I did the worst form of disgraceful behavior possible, I appeased my husband and tolerated mountains upon mountains of disrespect because deep on the inside I had hoped that he would see the light and want to have our relationship and family back intact.

Are you making some very fatal mistakes right now dealing with your partner who wants out or with an EX? If you don't know what to you, you too may be viewed like the plague which will earn you even more disrespect and cause your partner to run for cover.

I've put together an e-book to help you know exactly what to do and how to react to a drifting partner or an EX. I want you to be armed with the right information to help you become more attractive, happier and secure. If these strategies worked for me, they can work for you.

Nicole Gayle is the Author of the e-book, What to Do When Your Partner Wants Out, - a guide to help you make your breakup work for you. Learn the secrets to becoming more attractive, happier, and secure.

Go to for an instant download now.

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