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Learning how to detach

It took some time for you to form an emotional attachment and bond to your partner. Now that you may be facing the end of your relationship or it's already ended, you'll need to know what to do in order feel empowered. Your Power is in your ability to detach.

When you are attached, your emotions are involved and usually our emotions serve us in many great ways. But having to deal with a breakup is difficult and your emotions will want to react from the patterns that you learned in your relationship.

I didn't realize how much I depended on my ex-husband emotionally until he left. When we were together, I would consult him before making many decisions. After he left, I no longer had a partner with whom to make decisions.

When you detach, you literally have to deal with it like dealing with a withdrawal from a substance. You will have symptoms like thinking about him/her all day long, appeasing, wishing you were still together, hoping that your partner still finds you attractive, or finding reasons to stay in touch. But the more you hang on, the worse you will feel because your relationship no longer supports your emotional world.

Detach by cutting contact with your drifting partner or ex and allow your emotions to pay the price instead of your self esteem. If you continue to give into your feelings by trying to convince someone to be with you, you will end up eventually losing yourself completely. If you are continually rejected, it will cause you to feel like nothing.

Pull back until you're able to function without the emotional validation of your partner while seeking the support and guidance from people who love and care about your well-being. When you give yourself time for this to take place, you will begin to feel empowered and more secure.

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