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What to do when the one you love is drifting away

The one you love may have hinted in a subtle or very obvious way that he/she wants to leave your relationship. You may be looking for answers to know how to handle a partner who may have indicated that he/she wants to move on without you.

When something is drifting, our natural instincts is to try to pull it towards us. It is natural to try to save your relationship because you love your partner and want for the two of you to be together.

But trying to pull your partner towards you will not work to revive your relationship. The number 1 reason counseling often fails is that it often deals with surface issues. You are encouraged to talk about the problems by going around in circles and clashing up against the history of negative tendencies in your relationship along with your partners personal negative scripts. Many are told to demand that someone else change and meet their needs.

When you go face to face with your partner about all of the things that he/she may have done or currently doing wrong, the natural reaction for your partner is to get defensive. When someone is on the defensive, you are not on the same team.

You must get on the offensive and getting there means facing your own scripts. You are the reason why you’re not having a great relationship and the same is true of your partner. What if you get a real life by determining that you are going to create a great life for yourself and rise above the current pain of wanting someone to make you happy?

Take yourself to the next level by making this year become the year that you get up and do something so incredible that your actions will speak louder than your words.

Influence your partner by having a true personal awaking and dealing with the negative scripts within you that you allow to manifest in a less than great relationship.

Do not have a mediocre status quo life. Have a wildly successful life. Make no more excuses.

Change your life and everything around you will change.

Nicole Gayle is the author of the ebook, "What To Do When Your Partner Wants Out," written after the breakup of her marriage of 8 years. Nicole recently appeared on City TV's Breakfast Television to talk about her book.

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