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If you were abandoned, get up and fight!

You may be wallowing in the pain of having a broken heart but sooner or later you have to give yourself permission to start to heal. Hanging on to your pain will cause you to become a toxic mess.

You have to take responsibility for how your life choices have brought you to the place where you are now without beating yourself up. When I was faced with the breakup of my marriage of 8 years, I also had to face some really tough questions. It was so much easier for me to sit and pity myself for months.

You know that something in you attracted this mess. You know that you let yourself go and settled for less than you deserved and this is the reason why you are where you are now. You may or may not have had the knowledge to choose something better for yourself when you got involved with the person who broke your heart. Don’t beat yourself up for it; do something great….change that script.

Face the reality that you choose the wrong person and don’t you try to hang onto brokenness. Instead of moving towards dysfunction, choose to pursue inner healing to become a whole person.

If you try to get back with the person who broke your heart, you are once again going around in a maze, avoiding the fact that you have a bleeding soul. When you are whole, you can choose things that are alive and thriving. You don’t have to work for it, nor slave to keep it.

Stand up for yourself and accept nothing but the best for your life. Get yourself out of years and years of bad patterns. What I mean is that more than likely, it is not the first time you choose someone who would abandon you.

Choosing a spirit that can’t keep a promise but changes when it is only convenient is something that you learned how to do. Do something big this year by demanding more of yourself and for yourself. Stretch to new heights. Figure out why you choose abandoning spirits and work on the part of you that needs to heal.

Happy New Year! Make 2008 the best yet.

Nicole Gayle is the author of the e-book, "What To Do When Your Partner Wants Out," written after the breakup of her marriage of 8 years. The e-book helps people find emotional freedom leading them to become more attractive, happy, and secure. Get Instant Download at
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