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Bewitched after a Breakup?

How would you like to cast a magic spell on your ex to get him/her to realize how much your relationship means to you?
Maybe you can wiggle your nose or do like what they do in the fairy tale movies in order to bind your love forever upon the heart of the one who wants to leave you.

Some people will crawl on their bellies and lay down like a doormat because they are actually bewitched with the idea of having their old relationship back.

They do things like stalking, snooping, constantly calling/sending emails/text messages, saying "I love you,", showing up at the ex’s home/work, sending gifts etc.

If you are doing any of these, this means you are spiraling out of control. Please get yourself some help.

Acting in this manner will sure enough convince your ex that you need to get your head checked and will make him/her run for cover.

No one wants to be around an insane, please don’t leave me, I’ll do anything to get you back, I promise I will change - psycho. Losing it is never pretty. You’re far more attractive when you suck it up and take the high road.

Do things like feeding your soul, going to speak to a professional, getting back into life, drawing on your support group.

If while you are looking after yourself, your ex realizes that he/she made a terrible mistake, then it is in your power to decide whether you want him/her back.

And you shouldn’t give a resounding "yes." You must have your ex thinking that you value and treasure yourself, you know what you want, and you’re not interested in wasting your time.
Make him/her wait. Give it time to see if this is what he/she wants or just feeling lonely, guilty, or what was tried didn’t work from them. The point is don’t let them come running back to you because you’re on the waiting list.
Say something like, "You know what, I really love you, but I need time to think this over." Walk away with the ball in your court and lose the magic spells because that really doesn’t work anyway.

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