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Breakup Sex

If you and your ex had a very hot and steamy sex life, more than likely you are missing the intimate times that you both shared.

And if you dare think that giving your ex some real good loving will make him/her want you back, you are making a huge mistake.

The sex may be hotter since you both have been apart but the only one who will be on fire is you. You will burn with regret. Your emotions will once again be thrown like a screeching rat in front of a cat because of the imbalance of power in your relationship.

You can’t use sex to make your ex stay. It will cheapen your worth and make your ex subconsciously believe that you are trash. On a physical level, your ex may enjoy the sex but on a more deeper level, he/she will actually think that you are a desperate psycho who will use sex to get what you want, "Would you please have that one carefully examined?"

Your ex will be less attracted to you because he/she is wanting out of your relationship and you are using the sex card to keep it. Who can respect anyone like that?

The reason why you shouldn’t go there is because your relationship goes back to base when someone announces that he/she wants out of it. This means that your ex is now a virtual stranger to you and you wouldn’t give sex to a stranger would you?

It’s like someone who uses sex for money. This is low class. Someone can be physically attracted to you but that does not mean they have an emotional connection. Your ex no longer has an emotional connection to you that is why your relationship broke up. He/she no longer found you attractive on an emotional level. Well...maybe the only connection left is he/she don’t mind having you as an ex with benefits.

You can’t use sex to secure your relationship. If your relationship is not in the soul - meaning that you and your partner having a deep emotional connection - then move on to someone who has the qualities that you are looking for and for whom you can share yourself with on all levels.

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