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Reinvent Yourself when dealing with your breakup

Are you being a tired, old, predictable slob? Do something radical with yourself. Let the whole world know that you can still shine.

Talking means nothing; attitude is everything. Reinvention means that you need to come up to another level - with such a difference in your character that you are no longer recognizable by your partner and you give the world your best gift.

Your partner has come to know how you carry yourself, from dressing, to eating, to what you like, to how you will answer when your buttons are pushed.

Create some much needed “BOOM” between your partners decision and yourself. It will do wonders for your self-esteem and send a very strong message that you can get on with your own life and you don’t need this person in order to survive.

No one wants to be around a crying, whining, blob. Yes, you have feelings and emotions, and I know that you really want your partner to understand how you are hurting. Well, he/she can’t hear you, and probably doesn’t really care. It may make you feel angry to read this but, if this person cared, s/he would show it. Your partner may not (or cannot) understand how utterly devastated you are.

Stop making excuses for yourself. You can’t try to make him/her understand. Get a new lease on your life. Do not live in denial; you will only hurt yourself more. You are born to create, so invent something new. Do something great - just don't sit there and wallow. Become bigger and better than ever. Right from where you are, in the midst of this—just do it! Become unstoppable.

If you don’t have a vision for your life, get one. You cannot afford for this to define you. This event is your pre-requisite so act like a superstar, not a sore loser. Be somebody; act like you got it all baby! Because you do. You’re only in a position to gain. If you cannot get your mind around this, your partner will continue to have you wrapped around his/her finger. This is not how you want to live your life, is it?

Be yourself, not a fake. Become stronger and more alive than ever. Your energy should communicate, "This is me and I'm the best thing that has EVER happened to me."

Now go out and do it with a smile!

Nicole Gayle is the author of "What To Do When Your Partner Wants Out," an ebook written to help you deal with your breakup. Get an instant download now at

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