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Get Rich Quick Scheme and your Breakup

What if I told you that you could have a million dollars but you didn’t have to do anything for it? Your first reaction would probably be, “What’s the catch?”

We’re born skeptics. It’s an innate way of protecting ourselves from being taken advantage of.

When you are told that you can stop your divorce or save your relationship – it’s a quick way of selling you medicine to help you numb your pain.

People out there know that folks experiencing a breakup want to have their relationships back. It’s human nature to want to have the comfort of having someone in our lives love and care about us. It’s hard for us to lose the one we love.

And you may be in this position right now. You love your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, and you really want your relationship to work. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But the reason why the one you love wants to go is that your relationship is broken. So when you buy into trying to fix a broken thing without first looking at your brokenness, you take the shortcut and will more than likely end up with more brokenness.

There are many who will make you promises – because that’s what you really want to hear. You may not be ready to really face yourself. The truth is – if you want your relationship back, it has to start with you.

And this does not mean going in the direction of the person who wants to leave you. The minute you become like a leech, people will treat you that way. You know how it is in the summer with those pesky bugs.

You weren’t born to beg. You were made greatness. If you want to have great things, you must first pursue being great.

So it’s up to you, you can buy a cheap watered down version of a quick fix or you can rise to the challenge of being great.

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